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Pure & Simple Natural Dual Firm Crib Mattress

Even with so many health and medical advancements, SIDS is still a real threat among infants. Studies have shown that one of the leading causes of SIDS is in the toxic chemicals found on the mattress the baby sleeps on. So, new parents are encourage to invest in a greener and healthier type of crib mattress to assure that the baby’s safety. One such mattress is this affordable natural crib mattress from Pure & Simple.

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Baby Blue Popsicle Snuggle Blanket

A very soothing blanket for your baby which works even for hot, hot days. Made of really cool material, this should make a really good gift for baby showers and newborns. Sizes are available for variety. Let baby sleep very comfortably with this blanket.

Zaky Infant Pillow

Zaky Infant Pillow

Here’s an unconventional looking baby pillow, alright. But I think most parents with babies will understand the use and purpose for this.

Sometimes when a baby is almost asleep and then a mother tries to leave her gently on the mattress there are many instances when the baby easily awakens. It’s as if they can tell when the mother isn’t there to hold them anymore.