Would You Like A Forever Pillow?


For some people, the choice of pillows to sleep on is just as crucial as the choice of mattress. And just like a mattress, how hard or soft this pillow is depends on preference, and there are those that prefer pillows with special features and irregular shapes, believing this will give them the ultimate sleep experience.

The concept behind Forever Pillow is in providing for something that will give the user or consumer endless possibilities to sleep satisfaction. The inspiration for this pillow is the infinity symbol, and it’s supposed to appeal not just on the aesthetics but also on the emotions. Who knew that there were so many choices you can pick from just one pillow alone?

The Forever Pillow can be twisted in many different angles, giving the user many ways to achieve rest or sleep. Because its lightweight, it can be worn as a scarf, or used as an eye mask, or even a keyboard rest, besides being used traditionally. It can actually be carried everywhere, despite its length.

The materials for this unique pillow include Bamboo fabric and insulated filling provided by 3M. Thus, it helps keep the user warm during cold months and cool during summer months. The feel is fluffy and soft, and it’s also smooth to touch on the skin.

The Forever Pillow comes in six colorful choices – taupe, off white, grey, orange, apricot and navy. It is currently not mass produced, but it’s waiting for funding at Kickstarter.

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