The Original Cuddle Pillow: Armadillow

Similar to the Cuddle Mattress, which we have featured early this week, the Armadillow comes with slats or “arm tunnels” (as the manufacturer calls it) that allows a person to comfortably rest his arm on the couch or bed, while cuddling next to a loved one.


Using this pillow, the arms and shoulders won’t feel pain or numbness, as a result of the cutting of blood flow when bunched up in a position like this one —

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 12.58.53 PM

The Armadillow promises no discomfort. The design should ideally be helpful in keeping couples together because, as everyone in a relationship knows, sometimes huge fights arise because of cuddling (or the lack thereof).

The Armadillow is made of firm form and covered in soft polyester and a cotton-blended fabric, so that it’s also soft and cool to touch on the skin.

The item is available from this website.

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