The First Ever Pillow…For A Woman’s Breast

Have we all been so exhausted from doing our daily activities, that even a woman’s breast need to have its own pillows?

I thought the breast pillow was someone’s idea of a joke until I found out that it’s really does exist. And for $59.95, in fact.

This is one of the strangest pillows I’ve seen (and the strangest post to ever make on this blog!). But the pillow supposedly has its benefits.

Pregnant and nursing moms may find this useful as the pillow offers comfortability while they are nursing their newborns, or trying to catch up on sleep.

For women who’ve gone through operations, as a result of breast cancer or breast augmentation, the breast pillow also helps with the discomfort of sleeping on your stomach. It cradles the sore chest so that the woman would not have to be bothered by pressure and pain while sleeping.

It also reduces wrinkles that develop in the chest. Apparently, constant friction in that area can render a woman’s breast wrinkly as she grows older.

Men would also benefit from having this pillow strapped to their chest, if they have gone under heart surgery, making it harder to sleep with a sore chest.

So, what do you think? With all these benefits, the breast pillow doesn’t sound so silly anymore, doesn’t it?



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