The Best Ways To Clean Pillows

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 12.06.06 PMCleaning a mattress, though vacuuming or using mattress shampoos (regardless if its homemade or store bought), is something that many homeowners do these days. The process is especially helpful for getting rid of bed bugs and keeping the mattress fresh and well-cared for. Cleaning pillows, however, is more often than not, usually disregarded. When was the last time you’ve done this?

Pillows, just like mattresses, can be given a new life with just a simple washing, and they’re actually so much more easier to clean. Most types of pillows are actually washable, did you know this?

A regular pillow can be run through a washer under a gentle cycle. It’s recommended that when you do this, you should put two pillows at a time inside the tub, so that the washer is balanced. Warm water is best, so that it can kill bacteria faster, but you should double rinse the pillow under cold water to thoroughly clean this.

If  you own a foam pillow, however, hand washing is the best method, as it will disintegrate in the washer. It’s also good to spot clean soiled areas using a good cleaning solution and damp cloth, before giving it one big wash.

Let the pillows air dry completely before covering and using them again. Twice a month, replace pillow cases with clean ones.

For best results, read the care label on the pillows and follow the directions.

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