Succulent Pillows as Bedroom Accessories

One of 2010’s trendiest styles apparently was inspired from greens or plants. While this is nothing new, as plant ornaments are commonly used to decorate the home, the latest accessories come in the form of pillows, which are really fabulous decorative pieces.

Pillowhappy from Etsy

Designed with two toned green leaves, the pillow is round and is about 2″ thick. The material used for this is soft cotton and green fleece while the pillow has been stuffed with polyfill. For an authentic look, some of the leaves have not been sewn all the way, so that the pillow appears dimensional.

Living Tapestry Eden Pillow

This pillow is created by Shirley Bovshow who also shows readers how one can actually make this using panty hose, mose, a score other materials and a sense of style. She calls this the “Living Tapestry” and it does look live and real.

Be Sweet Succulent Pillow

What I love about this pillow is that it looks fun and flirty. Designed by Ronel Jordaan, this is made from merino wool, hand dyed and then felted into this almost natural looking decor.

All these pillows are terrific because you can put this anywhere in the house, including the bed, in lieu of real plants (which some people may have a hard time growing or nurturing).

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