Shredded Talalay Latex Pillow with Gel Fiber

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Some consumers aren’t really fans of down filling and memory foam pillows because the construction does not provide ample support and comfort. Down pillows have fillings that eventually become lopsided and clumpy, especially if the pillow is something that’s actively used. Memory foam pillows can sometimes be too firm that it feels like a rock to sleep on.

Linenspa provides an alternative with this Shredded Talalay Latex Pillow with Gel Fiber.

The composition includes, first, a layer of shredded Talalay latex, which offers softness and pressure relief, as latex has natural springy; and secondly, gel fiber, which offers firmness and won’t end up shifting or flat. This pillow helps with spine alignment where the natural curves from the head down to the neck and shoulders are properly set.

The pillow is also covered in soft bamboo, making its properties hypoallergenic, as well as susceptible to good airflow. It is also washable.

The different dimensions and sizes for the pillow:
King size 35″ x 16″ pillow and cover
Queen size 29″ x 16″ pillow and cover
Standard size 25″ x 16″ pillow and cover

You can check out the product at Linenspa.

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