Magniflex’s Gel Pillows Series

Magniflex is coming up with four types of gel pillows that come with gel and memory foam materials that help the user sleep comfortably and lavishly well at night. There are four selections cater to different types of needs for each consumer, and they perfectly match with the brand’s mattress types. According to Magniflex’s head, “We’ve created four options all featuring distinctive feels and materials including dual-side pillow designs for customizable comfort. By pairing our Magnigel mattresses with complimentary pillows, partners will be able sleep at their optimal body temperatures from head to toe. We believe this is a unique selling point and these accessories will give our U.S. retailers another way to effectively increase the sales ticket.”

Aside from the materials, the pillows are also designed ergonomically, so that with each use, the person sleeping on it will be able to relax and have the best sleep possible. The pillows arch and support the neck and head the best way, ensuring quality sleep.

For more information on this product, you can visit the Magniflex site.

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