Hair Pillow For Your Beauty and Comfort

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There’s some truth to the phrase “beauty sleep”. A long rest in bed can help rejuvenate the body’s cells giving your appearance the boost it needs. Apart from that, you will also benefit from sleeping surrounded with proper bedding — a comfortable and supportive mattress, warm blankets, and a good, sleep-enhancing pillow, such as this product called the Hair Pillow.

Modeled after a takamura or wood block that Japanese geishas sleep on to make their hair lustrous, the hair pillow is firm but comfortable, even as it is designed to let the hair flow instead of being compressed on the bed. The pillow comes with a curve, ergonomically designed so that the neck and head are supported properly, while the hair isn’t disheveled no matter what sleeping position you’re in.

As a bonus, the hair pillow comes with its own beauty bag so you can take it with you wherever and whenever you want to use it at your convenience.

The pillow’s components include 100% cotton 233 threadcount for its outer shell, while the inside has 70% polyurethane foam and 30% polyester fiber.

You can get this from Lifestyle Pillows.

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