Body Pillow Memory Foam

0069420280420_215X215Body pillows are great for side-sleepers, much less a body pillow with visco elastic material that provides full support. Since it conforms to one’s body shape, it molds critical areas for side sleepers, like the head and the neck, and does away with discomfort.

The visco elastic material is also temperature sensitive.

50″ Memory Foam Body Pillow:

* Visco elastic foam helps maintain spinal alignment
* Scientifically designed to relieve pressure points and cradle your neck in luxurious comfort
* Temperature-sensitive technology responds to your head’s weight and warmth resulting in less tossing and turning
* Self-ventilating material also helps avoid headaches and neck soreness caused by some traditional pillows
* Made from advanced memory foam which is non-allergenic and anti-bacterial

You can get it from Walmart.

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