Blu Sleep Ice Gel Pillow

Ever wake up with your pillow all wet and sweaty? Sometimes, using the wrong kind of pillow can greatly affect the quality of sleep, which is why investing in a pillows is also as practical and as sound as investing in a mattress.

Take a look at this…

With its revolutionary pillow construction, Blu Sleep Ice Gel Pillows promise to make sleep a lot more healthier and satisfactory. The pillow’s foam contains gel and a proprietary open-cell structure, thus delivering a plushy and inviting texture that makes sleeping on it really feel good.

The Ice Gel isn’t like any of your typical beaded pillows nor gel foams, where contents are just placed inside. The pillow itself is formed FROM the gel, so you get one whole soft and cushiony bed accessory.

The pillow is covered using bamboo fabric, contributing to its cool surface. Overall, moisture is kept away as the sleeper lies in bed, thus gaining the most satisfying, uninterrupted sleep ever.

You can purchase this from KernHill.

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