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ElectroWarmth Bed Warmer

With the weather getting so cold these days, and it’s unpredictablity is becoming more and more apparent, it’s always best to be prepared and sleep in comfort. This winter lull may last longer than the usual because of what scientists say is a change in the weather. Having a bed warmer will help get you through those cold nights.

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Tips for Avoiding Bed Bugs at Hotels

It seems the problem with bed bugs on mattresses will not go away any time sooner. But there are several ways to manage this or avoid it before the problem escalates. Over the years, there have been reports that state how much bed bugs infestation are at hotels. If you’re travelling some place soon, it would be prudent to heed to this advice, which comes from someone working in the hotel industry.

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Monsieur Toast by MyMimi

These days, a pillow isn’t just something you need for sleeping and being comfortable in bed. Their also great for adding a touch of personality into the bedroom. Over the years on this blog, you will see all sorts of pillows designed not only to give you ideas on what’s the most comfortable pillows are in the market, they’re also designed to amuse.


Smart Beds In Hospitals

You’ve probably seen this on TV. A wealthy man, who has been inflicted with a disease that required him to be confined to the bedroom, bought for himself this high concept bed that’s way better than any other comfort and cure a hospital can offer.

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How Toxic Is Your Mattress?

A third of your life is spent in bed. With children, they spend more time on it because they need more sleep during their formative years. Unknown to a lot of people, however, especially those who haven’t changed mattress in the past decade, they could be sleeping on toxic beds that contribute to a myriad of health problems.

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Simmons Unveils ComfortPedic iQ

Simmons is releasing a new mattress line that is said to be “self-adjusting”. Called the ComfortPediq iQ, the mattress will bear the endorsement of Dr. Andrew Weil from the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine based in the University of Arizona Health Sciences Center.

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This Anti-Snoring Bed May Be Just What Your Marriage Needs

Sleep Number proudly introduces their latest in bedding innovation. This smart bed, pegged at $8000, might be a little steep on the price, but it isn’t smart for nothing. Called the Number x12, this bed features all of the usual essentials from a Sleep Number, with mattress that conform to what the preference likes, whether it’s a firm feel or a plusher surface. But at the same time, this bed also works on voice command, so that whoever is sleeping on it can easily adjust the bed and get maximum relief.

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Bingo Pouf and Mattress

Compact and highly functional, the Bingo Pouf and Mattress as both a sleeping and seating solution for every type of living area. In its original state, the mattress ins folded together to make a very comfortable seater. But when it is opened, the mattress becomes a sleeping area good for an individual. There is a tray cover that goes with it, serving a dual purpose as well (as a tray and as a table top).

A Doctor Talks About Buying the Right Mattress

A Doctor Talks About Buying the Right Mattress

As you may probably already know, the kind of mattress you’re sleeping on can do a lot of good or bad to your health. If you sleep in a mattress that doesn’t provide the proper support and comfort to your body, no matter if it’s very expensive, then you could be at a losing end. Your sleep quality could suffer, and you may end up feeling really worse than before, with your old mattress.

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How To Keep Your Mattress In Great Condition

Just like your car, your mattress is a big investment purchase. You’ll benefit a lot from it for many years of use only if you take care of it and avoid doing things that will contribute to its deterioration.┬áCaring for the mattress comes with common sense, but sometimes, these little reminders may be necessary: