Tuft & Needle Bed Handcrafted Mattress

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This handcrafted mattress is an alternative to traditional mattress. It has taken its design inspiration from how the Japanese sleep on their bed for over thousands of years, and as such, it has helped plenty of consumers with their sleep problems.

Firmness is on top of this mattress design priorities. Only five inches thick, this mattress, on the inside, is packed with a quality premium foam that has been set in three layers. The foam is CertiPUR certified, with a chemical free flame retardant infused in it. As for comfort, the mattress is covered in a breathable and soft cotton fabric, so that it feels cooler on the skin.

In addition to all these simple and zen-like features, the mattress is also priced reasonably and affordably. Moving it from bed to bed is also easy, as transport is possible by simply folding the mattress.

You can set this on a bed frame, or set it on the floor as Japanese do, and sleep at your most convenience.

You can purchase this mattress on this site.

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