Sex on a memory foam

Sure, the foam is made using advanced materials and technology…but is sex still good on top of a memory foam mattress? How much of your performance, as well as the pleasure, is affected by switching to a memory foam for the bedroom?

Let’s measure the pros and cons of sex on a memory foam:

The pros:

  • You will be able to practice all kind of contorted positions without fearing that one of your legs will go numb. Since memory foam contours your body, there will be no uncomfortable position caused by pressure points to keep you from letting your imagination run wild.
  • No squeaking sound
  • No bounce, so all your effort and energy is put to good use.
  • No need to anchor yourself. Grinding techniques work better on a Tempur-Pedic style mattress because of the friction provided by the foam.
  • The cons:

  • Memory foam mattresses offer traction and temperature responsiveness. Your body temperature gets higher while having sex, so your mattress will match that ‘hot’ feeling with some additional softness
  • Not good for those who want to roll in the bed or do acrobatics because it does not encourage mobility
  • via My Memory Foam Mattress Guide

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