NovosBed Harmony Memory Foam Gel Mattress

This mattress comes with a sturdy foundation, but because it also has gel memory foam structure, it provides a softer, cooler sleeping space that allows the body to sink in better than the average memory foam. Its firmness is comparable to a spring mattress. The bounce back rate is also faster, which means that if you are prone to back problems, you can enjoy the best of soft and firm mattress conditions.

The Harmony gel foam mattress from NovosBed is great for someone who enjoys the firm and classic feel of a memory foam with a fast response. But also relish in the comfortable and soft feeling of a pillow top or euro top mattress.

This NovosBed is great for eliminating pressure points that occur among conventional mattress. It’s also great for promoting the proper posture while sleeping. There is little motion transfer with this model and it’s affordably priced better, even as it provides the luxurious feel.

You can get this from NovosBed.

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