Magniflex Mattress Expands Its Three Lines

Italian mattress maker, Magniflex, which has over 50 years of business credibility and experience, is expanding three of its most sellable lines for its US consumers.

The Dualcomfort Anniversary, Risveglio and Vita mattresses will be getting additional models to fit its new market. The new designs will be introduced by the end of January at the Las Vegas Furniture Market.

The Dualcomfort is an ultra-plush mattress with a reversible core. For couples sleeping together, this is good choice when it comes to a more customized sleep experience. The mattress comes with four-inch Elioform core, a type of memory foam developed by Magniflex that works like an orthopedic mattress. It also has additional foam structures to add to its comfort, durability and flexibility.

The Risveglio mattress has seven inches of Eliosoft core with an additional layer of memoform. The feel is quite plushy, while the side panels, with its 3D wrapping, keep the whole mattress intact and firm for many years.

The Vita mattress is its most firm design, with a nine-inch foam that provides a good and ergonomic sleeping surface. It also has an extra 1/4 layer of memory foam.

Says Magniflex’s director Marco Magni:

“We are thrilled with the continued growth of our Magniflex collection, and believe this will help our retail partners extend their reach by offering an array of options in styling and comfort feels to reach a range of consumers. With these new models, we’re pairing higher profiles as preferred in North America with some very distinct comfort feels. We have the ‘super soft’ option with our Dualcomfort Anniversary, which is hands-down the plushest option in our entire Magniflex collection. However, we can also cater to those at the opposite end of the spectrum, with offerings like the Vita that provide firm, orthopedic support each night.”

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