iAshley Gel 1400 Mattress

This is what’s inside an iAshley mattress. It has a layer of InviroGel that offers cooling comfort for its users. The rest of the mattress, however, includes 8″ of well-ventilated memory foam infused with iAshley’s own TorsoTec comfort layer. So that the mattress also remains firm and durable, it has 6″ of polyfoam for support.

iAshley is covered with special fabic that makes use of polyster and Tencel. Its borders are designed with micro chenille as well as a non-skid bottom, so that the mattress is secure. This requires no more flipping, as the mattress remains intact and comfortable for many years.

iAshley also comes in thinner layers of memory foam and polyfoam. You can check more of its details here.

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