Blu-Tek Mattress Reinvents Memory Foam

Kingsdown Inc, a bedding producer, has released their newest Blu-Tek® collection. This is a line of memory foam mattresses that seemingly takes care of the common complaints consumers have with it. The mattress, they say, can sometimes get too hot for comfort. Thus, Kingsdown has developed a memory foam that has a solid airflow system, so sleepers can enjoy laying down on it comfortably.

The mattress is so engineered to have zones. It has a vertical pinhole, that supposedly allows for air to flow up and out of the mattress. Blu-Tek is also designed with layers, giving it more strength and resiliency.

According to Kingsdown’s President: “Our commitment to sleep research and science has culminated in the industry’s newest foam line. While individually some of these technologies have been on the market for several years, we’ve successfully fused the best benefits of each and used new cutting edge research and technology to eliminate one of the most discussed problems in the industry.”

The mattress line consist of latex mattress, visco elastic memory foam and conventional foam. You can check it at Kingsdown’s site.

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