Warmer Beds with Biddeford Heated Mattress Pad

The cold nights of fall and winter are almost here, and when the weather is like this, it’s better to have something that will help you stay warm on the bed. These days, this isn’t a luxury. With cold weathers getting really colder, it’s important to have sheets that will not only be comfortable to sleep on, it should also keep your body warm.

With the Bidderford Heated Mattress pad, you will not have to sleep in a cold, cold bed. The mattress pad is made of 100% polyester, with therapeutic heat zones that can be controlled from the sides. The mattress is made of 100% polyester material, including the skirted part. Maintenance is a cinch as this can be machine washed and dried when needed.

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 1.45.08 PM

Controls for this mattress pad comes with a 10 heat setting and an auto dimmer. Warranty is guaranteed 5 years.

When the night’s cold weather is unbearable, simply turn this on and keep your sleeping area warm, so you can sleep better. The pad is available for queen size and king size mattresses, and also for single person’s use.

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You can get this from Amazon.

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