The Big One Memory Foam Mattress Topper

The Big One topper makes use of memory foam technology to help with the relief of pressure points when sleeping. As with all types of quality memory foam, this topper conforms to the body’s shape well, enabling one to get ample rest and sleep. The pad is about an inch and a half thick. When added to an existing bed, it instantly changes the way the bed feels. The foam is made of high density material, which is what’s needed so that proper support is delivered.

What’s noticeable about this topper is that there are exaggerated peaks and valleys to the surface. This is what helps the person gain a good sleeping position, and comfort is received to the maximum.

For maintenance, it’s easy to clean up after this topper, as you will only need to wipe dirt off. Spot cleaning will do.

You can get this on sale at Kohl’s.

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