Sleep Wedge Mattress Pad

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When you find yourself uncomfortable while sleeping, a better mattress might just won’t do. You would need an accessory like this wedged mattress pad to aid you in your sleep, especially if you’re suffering from physical conditions that lets lying down on your back just really uncomfortable. With a wedge mattress pad, conditions like snoring and heartburn are lessened, if not completely eliminated. Simply sliding this under your space, either covered on the sheet or set directly under your back, and you can instantly feel the difference.

This mattress pad, however, is designed for just one person to use, which is just as well because each one of us require differently from a mattress.

This pad has a width of 26″ and is raised at about 1 to 5 inches, a good angle for sleeping better. The pad is covered with a breathable top layer that aids in proper circulation, while its foam is firm, especially at the base.

Available at Amazon.

Photo credit also from Amazon.

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