Sleep Innovations Gel Foam Mattress Topper

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This Sleep Innovations product is gel mattress topper that provides superior relief and support for muscle and joint pains, as well as pressure points. Only two inches thick but infused with gel on the foam, this helps the body’s weight get evenly distributed when sleeping. It also helps with the shaping of the body on to the mattress, as the gel helps in conforming to the body’s contours. Having a gel mattress topper also helps with proper spinal alignment, correcting posture as you lie down the bed.

Sleep Innovations gel foam mattress topper promote a cool environment for sleeping better than any other traditional memory foam mattress. The added layer is about 3 lb in density, fairly light and manageable, and can fit up to 20″ of the original mattress’ width. It also works to protect the original mattress from wear and tear, thereby extending its life for a few more years.

This mattress topper is covered in Egyptian cotton with polyester. It’s washable or it can also be spot cleaned. There’s a 10 year warranty for this, too.

Twin: 75x2x39″
Full: 75x2x54″
Queen: 80x2x60″
King: 80x2x76″
California king: 84x2x72

You can get this from JC Penney.

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