Inclined Mattress Topper

Suffering from sinus congestions when you sleep? Do you snore loudly, disturbing your partner during your slumber? This inclined mattress topper could help.

This mattress’ upper part is slightly raised so that as you sleep on it, the body is also angled to a certain position. Apparently, when you sleep this way, it helps with relieving sinus passages, thus keeping it from getting congested. You snore less and you get through the night better.

The mattress topper is also featured with a cooling gel memory foam, so that as you lie down on it, the foam contours and supports the body very well. Pressure points are relieved and the cushion snugs perfectly. The gel foam also helps the body stay cool, hence you sleep without any discomfort and disturbance.

This is unlike any other mattress topper you see in the market.

You can purchase this at Hammacher Schlemmer.

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