Keetsa Duvet Protector

If you’re up for some last minute Christmas shopping, head to the nearest Keetsa Mattress store or shop online for this Duvet Protector. It’s a good and conscientious gift for parents, couples and even your children in college.

The duvet protector comes with Advanced Micro-Fiber Technology that works to protect the sleep area, especially when there’s so much activity in and around the bedroom. You can be rest assured, the protector will keep allergens and organisms at bay, so that this doesn’t fill up the fibers of the bedding.

According to Keetsa, this is how the product works:

The advanced micro-fibers in our cases actually create a barrier between you, the dust mites and the allergens they cause. The Case completely envelops the entire duvet; a zipper allows you to put it on/take it off. Because the fabric is made of micro-fibers, it’s still ‘breathable’ and lighter in weight. The micro-fiber fabric is also water resistant and machine washable.

You can learn more about this Duvet Protector here.

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