ElectroWarmth Bed Warmer

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 3.25.22 PM With the weather getting so cold these days, and it’s unpredictablity is becoming more and more apparent, it’s always best to be prepared and sleep in comfort. This winter lull may last longer than the usual because of what scientists say is a change in the weather. Having a bed warmer will help get you through those cold nights.

ElectroWarmth’s bed warmer is designed to produce heat from below the covers so that your body will not feel cold when you sleep. The heated pad features a several heat settings that include a very convenient 10-hour automatic shut-off. This means that you can sleep in a warm bed uninterrupted, and you don’t actually have to worry about overheating because the mechanism is designed to turn off based on the time set.

The warmer is also made of two sheets in polyster quilted material. In between this, cloth are tunnels of heating wires that evenly spreads out heat on the the mattress pad’s surface.

The warmer is available for all types of bed sizes — twin, queen and king. It comes with its own control.

For details on the technical specs of the mattress pad warmers, you can check out and also place your order at Comfort House.

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