Colorful Eco-Friendly Toppers From FXI

FXI, formerly known as Foamex, a company that manufactures products for health care and home care, has released a line of colorful eco-friendly toppers the company is calling the BIOS Sleep System.

This new toppers has been named after for the Greek word “Life” and these are made from hypoallergenic and organic materials, allowing for a healthier sleep environment. The mattress are also designed to take away muscle aches and pains, relieving pressure points with its special foam density and construction.

The mattress toppers are divided into three different models:


Relief has visco-patented and sculpting gel technology. Performance has ultra resilient foam that helps with motion and movement. Support has customizable foams that deals with specific and different issues of the body.

To have these mattress toppers come in colorful fabric covering is bonus, as it does look pleasant and refreshing.

For more information, visit the FXI Website.

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