Christmas Wish List: Memory Foam Mattress Pad

I know that Christmas isn’t until three months away, but I’ve already started with my list of gifts to buy. You can’t delay something like this. Christmas is going to come and the shops will be filled with people as soon as the holidays roll in. It’s good sense to prepare earlier and keep a list so that you don’t lose track of who has yet to receive what.

In doing my list, however, I’ve realized that I want some of these stuff for my own use, too.

The memory foam mattress pad is something I’ve always had on the list. When I can’t think of anything else to give to a parent, a newly-wedded couple this year, or a relative who’s a lot older (and I would assume, have sleep problems), I immediately consider giving a mattress pad because I think it’s one convenient gift.

Memory foam mattress pads top my choice because, unlike regular mattress pads, these are orthopedic and highly recommended by sleep experts. Not only do this pad help promote good sleep, it also promotes good posture as we sleep. There are times when we lie down in the most awkward positions, that we end up waking with a bad back or a stiff neck. Having a memory foam mattress pad eliminates all of that and you always end up waking refreshed and rejuvenated.

Memory foam mattress pads are less expensive than actual mattresses. Which is why it makes them ideal gifts, because for almost the same benefit or comfort, you do get so much more from it.

I’ve put this item on my wishlist because I’m thinking that for this year, maybe it’s time I gift myself a memory foam mattress pad for Christmas.

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