Beauty Rest GeoMax Topper For Arthritis

Anyone needs and must have a comfortable and affordable mattress. But for a person with arthritis, there’s that little extra requirement so that good sleep can be achieved better. It has to be extra supportive. It has to be able to relieve one of pressure points.

With tons of choices — ranging from air mattresses, to innerspring mattresses, to memory foam and latex mattresses — picking which one to get can drive anyone crazy. And each mattress model also vary with price, understandably it would be most desirable if one gets a mattress that is worth paying loads of money for.

So you either hold off choosing what to get. In the meantime, your arthritis is getting so much more uncomfortable.

A temporary solution would be to get a topper, which is a thin layer you can put on top of your already existing mattress to rejuvenate it or totally change your sleep habits.

One such mattress topper recommended for people with arthritis is this GeoMax 2.5inc topper from Beauty Rest:

This mattress topper is uniquely designed with crisscross cells that is supposed to cup the body perfectly. And as detailed, the topper comes with the following features:

  • 300-thread count, removable zippered cover
  • Topper features the Geo-Technology and unique crosscut design that provide distinct cells that support your shape
  • Temperature sensitive, Eco-Smart foam contours to your shape for a better night’s sleep
  • Eco-Smart foam is an earth friendly foam made partially from plant-based materials with Antimicrobial properties built in

Depending on the size you choose, the topper can go anywhere between $99.00-$189.00 from Walmart and it’s quite a good deal.

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