Airweave Mattress comes to Japan Airlines

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 11.14.50 AMFlyers on first class using Japan Airlines will get to enjoy the luxury and comfort of an airweave mattress.

The concept and technology is a Japanese invention, and according to the official airweave site, the mattress is designed using thin resin strings that are interwoven to form a three-dimensional surface. Sleeping on this type of mattress is described as if one is floating on air.

The airweave is actually an add on you can put on top of the mattress you are currently using.

The airweave provides ample support that when laid upon, the body will not have to sink too deep making it impossible to switch positions or roll over. The user won’t also feel damped and as it promises, you can wake up cool and dry in the morning. The airweave is designed in such a way that air can freely flow across the bed space. In the summers when the weather is warmer and you develop night sweats, this will be of great help. In the winters when the air is cooler, the airweave has a low thermal capacity so you feel warmer.  The airweave is also washable, so care and cleaning for it is quite low maintenance.

For more information, look up the airweave on this site.

Photo is from the airweave website.



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