Palmpring 4Way Mattress

Palmpring produces mattress that comes with natural latex and 100% coconut fiber. They have three signature models, and this particular type is the four-layer sandwich mattress, which comes with natural latex, the coir, and another later of latex, plus another layer of coir.

The result is a mattress that provides pressure relieving comfort. The mattress is also covered with a naturally made material, that makes sleeping in the winter months warmer and the summer months cooler.

The four layer provides flexibility and the outer cover brings a smooth surface. Overall, the mattress provides proper blood circulation, and reduces night sweats when you sleep.

Because this is made of natural materials, it’s germ-resistant and dust-mite resistant. The mattress is hygienice and safe even for those who have several types of allergies.

Palmpring is also easy to wash as the covers can be zipped off and on, for washing.

You can check for more details here.

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