Dream Lite from Eco Choices

Eco Choice’s Dream Lite is made especially for people who are on the heavy side and therefore require a firmer mattress, but would rather prefer the comforts of a softer kind. Made of natural materials, it provides the same benefits as a standard latex mattress, which helps eliminate back pains and reduce sleeping disorders

Dream Lite Natural Pedic Mattress is a is comprised of a firm 6″ thick core of 100% pure natural latex core (31 ILD) and is topped with a softer 2″ thick of 100% pure natural latex (20 ILD) for that added plushness that you can’t live without. The added 2″ of soft latex acts as an inner-pillowtop. The Dream Lite Natural Pedic is then covered with organic cotton and pure grow wool that is quilted to the organic cotton mattress fabric. This mattress is available in two versions: one sided mattresses are approximately 8″ high and the two sided mattresses are approximately 10″ high. The two sided mattress is the plushest mattress that we offer.

For its bed foundation, you can either go with a maple bed frame or a pine wood finish. Shop for Dream Lite at the Eco Choices website.

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