Woman Is Addicted To Eating Mattress

eating_mattresses_375_19ch2o4-19ch2ot This one’s rather strange and bizarre but a woman on a TV show called, “My Strange Addiction” has admitted that she’s been in the habit of eating mattresses for over 20 years.

The woman, Jennifer, has been craving for mattresses for so long that she claims, she already knows the best parts to eat, as if she was just having fried chicken.

Says Jennifer, the pillow top is where the good stuff is and she normally starts off eating the mattress there and then rips the item as she goes. She claims she’s been eating mattresses daily, and the craving usually starts at around 2 PM.

The biggest problem she has, so far, encountered with this strange eating habits is turning gassy.  Doctors and her family have been warning her about the health implications, considering how some mattresses contain toxic materials.

Jennifer says that she only stops chewing on a mattress when it’s smelly, or if she sees the springs seeping through already.

Here’s a video report on her condition:

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