What Type of Mattress Consumers Prefer Based on Different Worldwide Regions

Here’s an interesting article that was published in the Wall Street Journal early this week, outlining the different preferences of consumers worldwide, with regards their mattress choices.

It says that consumers in the United States normally prefer a bigger and spacious mattress, believing that this matters to good sleep. But based on the different states and regions in this country, preferences also differ in that the East Coasters are more attuned to firmer mattress, while West Coast patrons love softer surfaces like memory foam and gel types. Those in the Midwest, however, still prefer traditional mattress over any other design.

The article also says that UK consumers prefer tufted mattress, while the Japanese would love nothing but to sleep on a firm foam material, and would have a hard time sleeping on California King sized beds. But the rest of their Asian neighbors are slowly getting into Western mattress styles and designs, which means that this may be a potential market for bedding manufacturers. Middle Easterns, meanwhile, prefer opulent brands for sleeping.

You can read the rest of the write-up about this here.

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