What Are All Those Organic Mattress Accreditations

When you purchase an organic or naturally made mattress and bedding, you will probably notice stickers and accreditation marks all over it. There are actually different types of accreditations, sealing that the mattress you’re buying is made of top quality, but it can get confusing.

Here is a simple guide to some of these accredications:

1. Rubber, latex, wool and cotton certifications: These are the materials used to making your organic mattress and the certification confirms that these raw items are truly organic, meaning, no chemical has been infused in it while growing. This means that it has undergone rigid testing by companies who are reputable, so make sure that the company which certifies this is clearly labeled on the accredication.

2. NAOMI Standards Certification: There’s such as thing as a National Association of Organic Mattress Industry and members of it have to have their products meet the standards to be accredited as natural mattress products.

3. Dust Mite Certification: As with the materials certification, dust mite certification is conducted by different companies to confirm the effectiveness of the mattress’ dust mite protection.

When shopping, look at all the labels closely and bear in mind that the certifications must be:

  • up-to-date
  • detailed
  • coming from a reputable company

Don’t rush into buying, but instead do your own research well first and make sure that the certification also covers the warranty.

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