Vytex Rubber Latex Gets Buzz

This comes via press release and I know that pretty soon we should be hearing about this latest innovation which mattress manufacturers may eventually use.

vytex_logo An Innovative Source Material for Natural Rubber Products, is now available online at www.vytex.com. Swanson and Doyle co-authored the paper along with Industry Consultant Russell Culp and Vystar Vice President, Technical Services, Matthew Clark.

Vystar Corp. is the exclusive creator of the innovative technology to produce Vytex Natural Rubber Latex(TM) (NRL). While latex allergy is most common in the healthcare industry because of workers’ prolonged and/or repeated contact with latex, it is estimated that as many as 17 percent of healthcare workers and three percent of the general population could have an allergic reaction to the protein in natural rubber latex. However, because of its superior product qualities, like barrier protection, strength and durability, fit and comfort, environmental impact, cost, etc., it is the material of choice for a vast array of everyday products.

Essentially what this latest technology does is that it offers “ultra low antigenic protein levels as raw material while preserving desirable NRL properties in finished products”.

For manufacturers of foam mattresses and pillows, this will also help reduce cost as this developed material will curb wasted energy and resources to a minimum.

Via High Beam

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