Tips for Avoiding Bed Bugs at Hotels

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 1.17.36 PMIt seems the problem with bed bugs on mattresses will not go away any time sooner. But there are several ways to manage this or avoid it before the problem escalates. Over the years, there have been reports that state how much bed bugs infestation are at hotels. If you’re travelling some place soon, it would be prudent to heed to this advice, which comes from someone working in the hotel industry.

As posted on a thread in Reddit, a social site, one member who works at a hotel staff shared this tip so that you’re sure about keeping bed bugs off yourself and your stuff, so that you don’t end up bringing this home with you.

1) Before entering the room, leave your luggage first and check on the vicinity.
2) If you can pull away the bed from the wall, then do this and check for bed bugs in that area.
3) Take time to inspect the linens off the bed and spot for any signs of bug infestation.
4) Remove the linens and check the mattress, particularly for creases and spots.
5) Also check the headboards and floor boards. If you see any brown markings, it’s an indication of bed bug problems.
6) You can also check on cabinets, drawers and interiors around the room, including the chairs and sofa seaters. Bed bugs exist in these too.

Because hotel rooms are sometimes left without any regular occupants at a time, and the rooms are kept dark, cold and quiet, it’s easy for bed bugs to infiltrate and thrive.

If you find the room unsatisfactory, request for a change nicely from the front desk.

Photo is from BigBedBugs.Com

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