Time to replace mattresses

Mattresses cannot last forever, no matter how expensive you have bought them in the past. Years of wear and tear will deteriorate its quality. And essentially, it will affect your getting a good night’s sleep.

How do you know when it is time to replace your old mattresses?

It’s time to replace when:

Your sleeping patterns have altered.  Sometimes when you find yourself unable to sleep or are waking up in the middle of sleep, this may not be a sleeping problem that is attributed to your state. It may be linked to your mattress. Deteriorated mattresses can affect sleeping conditions. It can also affect your physical conditions, because there will be instance when you wake up with a stiff neck or back pains and muscle pains.

There are some noticeable uneveness and sagging of the mattress. Does your mattress make noises when you lie on it?  Does it have some unsightly marks and tears? On top of the staining and tearing, old mattresses also have indentation in the cushion, instead of a flat surface. And as mentioned, this will have a great effect in your sleeping patterns. Because of its condition, you surely would not be feeling very comfortable with your mattress.

If you notice or feel any of these, it’s definitely time to throw the mattresses out.

Photo courtesy of Bodhibot.

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