Tiger Woods is Sleeping on an Air Mattress these days

The beleaguered sports hero, Tiger Woods, is reportedly just sleeping on an air mattress these days, following the breakdown of his marriage and the pull out of sponsors and endorsements as a result of his alleged cheating. This report below from Entertainment Wise:

Tiger Woods fled his Florida home in the wake of his car crash in November, it’s been reported. The golfer, whose crash led to revelations about his private life and infidelity, apparently took cover at a property owned by fellow golfer Mark O’Meara.

But, according to Us Weekly, unlike Tiger’s own home, the house had been stripped to the bare essentials due to ongoing renovation work.

“When [Elin Nordegren, Tiger’s wife] kicked him out, he couldn’t exactly go to a hotel, so he ran over to [pro golfer] Mark O’Meara’s empty villa and stayed there,” a source said. “The house was gutted except for an air mattress, some pillows, a TV, snacks and Bud Light in the fridge, and a golf glove on the floor.”

Tiger has not been seen in public since the car crash, while Elin has been spotted frequently in recent days with their children. Meanwhile, on Thursday it was revealed that the golfer had donated $3million to the relief efforts in Haiti following Tuesday’s devastating earthquake.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with sleeping on an air mattress, except when you are one of the richest manin the world who can afford a better bed, yes?

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