This Mattress is $175,000

Savoir Beds, makers of quality luxury mattresses in the UK, is said to be releaseing a limited edition Royal Bed. The price tag for this exclusive release is pegged at an astounding $175,000.

The mattress will all be handmade and will require 700 labor hours to finish. The special materials that will be used for this mattress include cashmere from Mongolia, silk that will be made in New York and Miami, and Latin American horse tails. The beds will bear crests or symbols of the Royal family, which will be sewn by hand by the members of the Royal School of Needlework, who apparently also did parts of the wedding dress of Kate Middleton.

There will be 60 beds made in total only. A few of these will already go to the Kensington Palace.

Take a look at it:

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