The YuMe Mattress for Temperature Controlled Bed

The YūMē™ is a mattress that is designed for comfort. With its soy based core, the mattress provides proper support that also helps the body distribute its weight so evenly. Its also made of memory foam that helps relieve pressure and shock, allowing the body to rest better. The foam is insulated, yet delivers optimal ventilation. And unlike regular foams, it also allows for the proper circulation of air, thus making the sleep surface cooler.

The YuMe Mattress is featured with a temperature control function. Its “climate” can be controlled. Users can define how warm or cold the environment around the bed should be.

The bed’s density and thickness depends on the model of the YuMe mattress. Because of its innovation, sleep and comfort is a lot easier to achieve with this mattress. All you have to do is to choose between models, as the YuMe is available in three models.

The YuMe is designed and developed for Mattress Firm.

You can get this from this site.

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