The Ryan Gosling Body Pillow

It doesn’t have to be lonely and cold this Valentine’s Day, even if you’re a single girl who has made it her choice to be without a companion for a while. Especially not if you have this Ryan Gosling body pillow to keep you warm.


Only available in Etsy, this pillow is so much more comfortable to sleep with than a nasty boyfriend who snores and hugs the covers. The body pillow is life sized, or at least 152 centimeters long. And according to the Etsy seller, this pillow is the best companion for cozying up in the evenings. The seller, along with her friends have a pillow each, and there’s also one that features James Dean.

The body pillow is shipped out from Melbourne in Australia and comes with the actual pillow and a pillowcase. The items are made of cotton and polyester.

Interested? You can check out the pillows at this Etsy Store named Violent Delights and place an order.

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