Switching and Shopping for a Greener Mattress

More and more people are becoming selective about the type of mattresses they sleep on. Some have made efforts to change their mattresses, in light of the fact that there’s a raised awareness about the health implications old mattress bring.

One of the reasons people switch and buy a new mattress is because in the last five years, there has been an aggressive campaign over beds that have been treated with fire retardants. While this was the generally accepted process in mattress manufacturing decades ago, bills and laws have been passed in recent years to specifically stop manufacturers from doing this. The banning of sale and distribution of mattresses treated with fire retardant has also been enforced. It’s not a marketing ploy. Consumer safety groups actually support this ban and mattress recalls are happening all year-round.

The rise in popularity of memory foam mattresses, a technology developed in the early 2000s, has sprung dozens of memory-foam like innovations. What makes memory foam appeal to consumers is its “green” significance. The mattress is supposed to be a healthier and better alternative over fire retardant mattresses. However, some manufacturers make use of synthetic materials to produce “memory foam” that it may be more harmful to use this, what with all the chemicals present in it. One is usually able to tell the mattress is chemically treated because of the amount of off gasing that comes with the purchase of a new memory foam.

As a consumer, there is an importnant need to apply a lot of discernment and careful thought before you buy a new mattress. It’s an investment you have to make, since you will be stuck with it for most of your life. Do your research about the product well, so that you are assured that the mattress you’re buying doesn’t contain harmful elements. Prime consideration should be given to what the mattress is made with.

Also, inquire about warranty and return policy, so that if you find your new mattress uncomfortable, you could arrange to return it.

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