Spring Air Comes up With Allergy and Asthma Preventive Mattress

Because there’s a rise in asthma and allergy cases, Spring Air has come up with a special type for mattress specifically for people suffering from this and calls this the Back Supporter Breathe line set.

To be unveiled at the Las Vegas Market this month, the mattress has earned a certification from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, which is also a nonprofit organization that helps fight asthma and allergic diseases.

Back Supporter Breathe took a year in development and has undergone intensive testing from different laboratories, according to Spring Air. And the company’s President says, in statement, that this will help a lot of people achieve better sleep.

“Breathe beds are not medical products in the conventional sense because everyone – even people without asthma and allergy issues – can benefit from a healthier sleep environment. And while Breathe mattresses are extremely comfortable, we don’t define them by feel or specification. Their performance is determined by the type, placement and quality – not quantity – of raw materials in each of the beds.”

The mattress line will have products retailing between $999 to $2,499 and it will come with six models with two designs each.

“Our ultimate objective is to begin improving America’s quality of life one home at a time. And that applies not only to the 70 million-plus who suffer from asthma or allergies, but also to the remaining 250 million people who can benefit substantially from a healthier sleep environment.”

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