Somnium’s Fitness Mattress

Experts say that while many mattresses promote sleep where you’re basically sinking on a 6inch deep foam and end up sleeping under a cloud or cocoon, this inevitably does more harm than good as you can wake up feeling aches and pain all over your body. They say that the best kind of sleep then, is one that allows you to move and shift positions during the night. This should make your sleep more optimized and your body even healthier and there is a mattress to support the movements, so you can get the best from resting.

Somnium’s fitness mattress is designed to make movements while sleeping a lot more conducive and beneficial. The mattress are built with plastic modules that work like mini trampolines that stay firm even when compressed or pushed. The mattress can be “bouncier” to some extent, which makes it resistant to pressure, thus helping the body lie down and recover better.

More details about this can be read here.

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