Snuggle Up For Winter With These Bedding Essentials

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 11.25.53 AMNews have it that it will be a cold, cold winter season this year, with many in the Western hemisphere experiencing what would be the coldest winter freeze for two weeks at most. It’s the kind of cold that hasn’t been felt since the 1940’s, so those living in the colder climates should prepare and bundle up in bed to live through the harsh weather and still enjoy the holidays. To make the best of a cold climate, invest in the following bedding essentials now:

1) Duvet or thick bedding. Feathered duvets are especially absorbent and can keep you warm when the weather is below zero degrees. It can get very expensive, but with a weather that’s as cold as what has been predicted, it may be a worthy investment to have around the house. If you’re still not keen on owning a duvet, much less a feathered duvet, make sure that your bedding items can help you feel the cold down. Wool fabric is best for cold weather, so keep this in mind when choosing what bedding to buy.

2) Pillows. Pillows in a stack will keep your bed snuggly and warm, and it may be actually good to invest in custom-made ones so that it is suited to your body type. There are slightly expensive feathered pillows as well, which helps to distribute heat, but you can also do alright with pillows that come with the right fabric covers. Just make sure, however, that the pillows are set well so that it won’t hurt your neck or back. Too many pillows can sometimes do that.

3) Bed Heater. This is a necessity and thankfully, there are different kinds of bed heater available in the market today, either as a blanket or a topper. You can even get the ones that come with timer, so that you won’t have to worry about leaving this turned on your bed.

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