Smart Beds In Hospitals

size You’ve probably seen this on TV. A wealthy man, who has been inflicted with a disease that required him to be confined to the bedroom, bought for himself this high concept bed that’s way better than any other comfort and cure a hospital can offer.

The bed isn’t a prop. It actually exists, although in a slightly different capacity, and it comes from Sizewise. This type of “smart bed”, as industry insiders call it, is the latest in high tech medical equipment, which, according to the company’s manager, is tripping in Hollywood.

The bed is featured with access to an iPad-like feature that helps with the adjustment of the mattress. Users can actually set the sleeping environment for this, based on their preference. It can also procure data about the user, especially when there’s a need to constantly monitor the person’s condition. And most of all, a bed like this helps those with health problems because relief from symptoms and complications are easily alleviated. If equipped in hospitals, this smart bed can help patients cut down their stay and improve their health.

This isn’t the only kind of “smart bed” for people with special cases. A full report can be read on the rise of the smart bed, in this page.

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