Sleepy Mattress Survey: Which Profession has the most Restful Sleep?

A survey conducted for Sleepy Mattress, in collaboration with the National Center for Health Statistics reveals that loggers get the most rest out of their sleep at night. The survey also revealed that those working as lawyers and health aides may experience sleep deprivation than others.

The ranking below…


1. Home Health Aides
2. Lawyers
3. Police Officers
4. Physicians, Paramedics
5. Economists
6. Social Workers
7. Computer Programmers
8. Financial Analysts
9. Plant Operators
10. Secretaries


1. Forest, Logging Workers
2. Hairstylists
3. Sales Representatives
4. Bartenders
5. Construction Workers
6. Athletes
7. Landscapers
8. Engineers
9. Aircraft Pilots
10. Teachers

The survey revealed that much of productivity is affected when a person is sleep-deprived. Some workers also tend to oversleep or aren’t fully prepared to get up from bed, even as their alarms go off in the day.

The survey was commissioned by Sleepys to encourage its customers to take a stock in sleep more as it is very crucial to one’s health and functioning.

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