Simmons Unveil New Personal Comfort Mattress Line

Simmons is unveiling three items in their Specialty Sleep products line that are said to be mattresses and bedding made following a cutting-edge product design.

The new mattresses are the enhanced version of its ComforPedic Loft™ and Natural Care® mattress collections, with the addtion of the NuFlex™ foundation.

The new line also has the latest innovation in Simmons, its New AirCool™ Sleep System which helps regulate the temperature of the body while sleeping.

Below is the press release for these products:

New ComforPedic Loft™ collection features AirCool™ Sleep System

Simmons Bedding Company’s new ComforPedic Loft™ collection introduces a revolutionary, patent-pending AirCool™ Sleep System that combines innovative design and multiple technology components to provide an ultimate, individualized sleep experience that is cool, supportive and comfortable.

Designed to work with proprietary Simmons® NxG® Memory Foam, the AirCool™ Sleep System features a stylish AirCool™ Mesh Border that allows the bed to breathe. Working together to promote optimal sleeping temperature, the AirCool™ Transflexion Core gives extra support and dissipates heat from the mattress core while the AirCool™ Edge offers sleeping comfort and stability right to the edge of the bed. Select models also include NxG® MicroGelTouch, which combines proprietary memory foam and gel technologies to add support and a cooling sensation to the sleep experience. The collection has a suggested retail price of $1,499 – $2,999.

“The revolutionary AirCool Sleep System, in concert with our NxG memory foam technology that already incorporates both high air flow for heat dissipation and quicker recovery for freedom of movement, makes our new line the ‘coolest’ in the industry,” said Scott Smalling, president of Simmons Specialty Sleep division.

Natural Care® line now includes Hypoallergenic Self-Response™ Natural Foam Technology for personalized support

Simmons’ new Natural Care® line features the Hypoallergenic Self-Response™ Natural Foam Technology, which is designed to provide personalized support and comfort. Responding consistently for full body support, the line molds to a sleeper’s personal shape, eliminating pressure points and promoting airflow to aid in maintaining a personalized sleeping temperature.

The new system features technologies that work with the body in mind, including Comfort Response Technology, which conforms and contours to one’s shape while also ventilating the top layer of the mattress, and Independent Response Technology on select models, which utilizes sculpted cushions that respond independently to a sleeper’s shape and movement for personalized support while maximizing airflow.

The foam also features new anti-aging foam additives that blend natural ingredients to help extend the life of your mattress. The Natural Care® collection has a suggested retail price of $1,699 – $2,999.

Simmons Bedding Company introduces NuFlex™ Foundation for active lifestyles
The NuFlex™ Foundation provides trendy and stylish adjustability to meet the demands of today’s active consumers. Various angles and elevations help reduce pressure points and create the ideal position for reading, watching TV or working in bed.

The upholstered frame and high-end furniture style legs coordinate beautifully with a variety of decorative tastes, and the wall-saving design protects against bumps and scuffs.

Combining stylish form with function, a pocket allows for easy storage of magazines and books, and a side outlet provides charging capabilities for working on a laptop and listening to music in bed. The backlit remote offers programmable settings along with massage and zero gravity functions. The NuFlex™ Foundation has a suggested retail price of $1,699.

For more information visit any of your mattress store with the Simmons brand in their inventory.

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