Signature Sleep Essential 6-Inch Mattress

This Signature Sleep Essential Mattress is made for sleep perfection. it comes with a 6-inch innercoil spring that is tempered with 13.5 gauge steeel coils set between different layers of foam. The resulting structure allows for the coils to remain undetected even as the mattress has been used for several years.

Even with its coils though, the mattress is shipped out in a rolled-up and vacuum packed system, which its new owner can just easily roll onto the bed frame.

For its price, $95.00 expect the mattress to firm and practical. It’s functional and could work well in a teen’s bedroom, a young child’s room, or a University dormitory. However, for someone who prefers a softer mattress, a more expensive option with other features and quircks could be better.

You can get the Essential mattress from Signature Sleep here.

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