Shopping for Bed Sheets

Why is it a good idea to buy bed sheets as a set?

– It’s a more economical purchase since sets come up cheaper than buying per piece or individually

– You have a uniformed design or pattern. If you buy more than one set, you can follow through the same motif and mix and match.

– Most sets already include a comforter which is what you need for the cold season. Besides a complimentary comforter can improve the look of your bedroom.

Bed set from The Whole Sale Linen

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  1. Matt Reigle says:

    Typically all good bed sheets are not only 100% cotton, but 100% long staple cotton. E.G., Egyptian or Pima cotton. These cottons can be pulled into longer strands thus causing less pills after they are broken in. I have actually written an article on buying sheets here if anyone is interested:

    Guide to Buying Bed sheets